Supported with extensive fact-gathering conferencing with corporate managers of back-office and in-line business units, DPF Data Services launches an expanded Customer Experience management program utilizing rich media assets, corporate videos, and call center program (IVR) data including white board presentations, product spec sheets and web casts with customer self-service web-site accessibility.

Our customer engagement activities are timely monitored with leading customer experience analytics platforms such as Google, Omniture, and Caller First Analytics. These provide sophisticated reports for measuring customer engagement from specific applications.

Customer experience analytics

Customer experience analytics available from DPF identify the following sample information metrics and more to evaluate and measure the effectiveness of customer response:

  • Reporting of video completion, play, geographical, viewer, usage, quality of service, bytes delivered, pay duration and more.
  • Reporting of audio application, call data, voice, user interface elements, dropping off, call log, time of day, average duration.
  • Track usage of Ajax flash, social networking and web 2.0 applications.
  • Track mobile web-sites, mobile apps and web-enabled mobile devices.

DPF employs comprehensive customer experience analytics strategies to bring you:

  • Increased Business Intelligence: Analytics are available in real-time to benchmark your site usage metrics against industry and customer norms.
  • Improved Customer Experience: Interpret the various metrics available to redirect customer engagement tools that do not produce desired results.

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Customer Experience Analytics


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