Cloud Computing

Cloud Delivery Models

Dedicated (Private)

A fully dedicated virtualized compute environment, build over the company’s intranet for its own users within the organizational firewall and does not share resources with any other company.

With virtualization, your dedicated solution can be partitioned into multiple self-contained virtual machines, each capable of running its own operating system. Client can easily add instances automatically through Savvis Station Portal in response to need for additional resources.

Savvis Security Services provide protection to your environment for both the Open and Dedicated.


Built on a massively scalable multi-tenant infrastructure allowing the client to add on-Demand fractional compute resources by the instance without the burden of long-term contracts. Delivers a secure enterprise-class cloud environment with built-in high availability and automated resource balancing.

Offers one of the highest levels of true utility computing in the market today.


Key elements of public and private clouds are combined using lower-cost, multi-tenant infrastructure that offers security and high performance and which is accessible via public and private IP connections. Hybrid cloud provides the flexibility of in house dedicated applications with the fault tolerance of open cloud base services.

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Clod computing offers shared resources


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