Cloud Computing

DPF Data Services

DPF partners and consults with Savvis, a Century Link Company, a Global Leader in Cloud infrastructure and hosted IT solutions offering one-stop shop convergence across a broad portfolio of IT and Telco services for traditional and virtual cloud data centers with predictable and reliable enterprise class performance.

DPF aids the client to carefully evaluate the various opportunities to harness the power of the Cloud and in determining the present and future growth plans regarding secure cloud delivery and platform requirement.

The objective in these determinations is to reduce complexity and cost associated with multiple data silos and databases, managed separately, data volume growth, compliance, availability regardless of location. Cloud supports massive scalability to meet periods of demand and provide more efficient and effective use of the technical staff.

The cloud addresses current data center issues of ballooning labor cost, sky-high energy consumption and the growing demand from users for access to real-time data, driven by mobile devices.

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Clod computing offers shared resources


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