Enterprise Content Management (ECM)


More effective communications with your customer can provide you with an integrated solution that lets’ your customer interact with you in a way that is most comfortable for them and economical for you.

Angel, a subsidiary of Microstrategy (NASD: MSTR) is a leading provider of on-Demand customer engagement solutions and a leading provider of business intelligence software. Angel has provided 10,000 Telephony solutions worldwide including many Fortune 500 companies. Angel Analytics arms you with business-centric analysis of call data so you can make iterative changes in real-time which will enhance caller experience.

Angel transcription services makes gathering information about your customers, patients, or clients faster, easier and more convenient than ever and eliminates the need to manually input data into applications, resulting in 99% transcription accuracy.

Angel IVR platform runs in the cloud and is delivered through the SaaS model offering a comprehensive suite of solutions supported with the power of Salesforce.com’s service and support and employing advanced Technology uses reverse lookup of caller ID, capturing all phone leads.

The capture, management and archiving capabilities of DPFS’s secure Electronic content Management infrastructure allows or the receipt of voice record files (mp3, wav and txt data files) over encrypted sftp connection and stores them for long term mandated retention and disposition cycle.


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