Cloud Computing

Types of Cloud Services

Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) – offers pre-packaged computing platform services that can be rented on a monthly, weekly, or even an hourly basis.

Platform as a Service (Paas) – Developers and application owners – offers similar services as IaaS but includes a development platform such as Java or Apex. Eliminates the need for customers to interact with the operating system and enables them to write and run their application within the Java or Apex platform. It purposely separates the App development environment from specific hardware, providing service providers with the flexibility to choose different hardware options or vendors as needed.

Software as a Service (Saas) – provides finished Apps on an on-Demand basis to any end-user through an IP-based network. This reduces the need for resources required to run Apps on the end-users machine. Saas is delivered over the internet via public and private networks.

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Clod computing offers shared resources


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