Cloud Computing

Virtual Private Data Center (VPDC)

Savvis Symphony is a virtual private data center service that includes use of virtual servers (vServers), storage area network services, hosting area network services, and managed security services (where applicable) in a multi-tenant self-service data center environment. Savvis provides the infrastructure including space and power, compute resources, storage resources, virtualization operating system licenses, vServer operating system license (where applicable), hosting area network connectivity, security service licensing, management and monitoring of the VPDC vserver and infrastructure, and use of the Savvis Station Portal or API for management and automated VPCD provisioning.

VPDC is available in three pre-defined profiles. The service profile defines the included features for the VPDC as well as the pricing, SLA target and support services. The user may specify which service profile best fits their specific needs.

Essential – Recommended for test development and Standard Production Applications.

Balanced – Recommended for production environments and high performance applications.

Premier – Recommended for production environments, high performance and mission critical applications.

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